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Residential Wood Truss Objects



Has anyone found a way to create accurate wood trusses? TrussMaker can't and the Library Trusses aren't very modifiable. I've searched the online libraries.


Karl Ottenstein

I guess the obvious question is “What is accurate?”  Presumably, a truss company is engineering the trusses… so it’s then a piece of cake to take their shop drawings and extrude them with any number of tools.   I’m not sure what is not “accurate” about Trussmaker.  It is frustrating, due to centering members on the linework, but it follows its frustrating rules accurately. 🧐

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I have tried to find ways to download Psyntruss. I found a "download link" in one of your messages ( ... it took me a "CAHOOTS" site of some workplace in Michigan...

Please let me know if it is available for download. I think the app has a lot of promise.

Thank you!