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!Restored: ::PLEASE HELP:: Draft Modeling in 3D ArchiCAD 12

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Hello everyone i have a problem and i cant fix it i have tried everything that i know.

My problem is i cant input a numeric distance in the tracker field when in 3D window of ArchiCAD 12 now in 2d its perfectly fine i can press tab or shift+r to type in the distance in the tracker field. But once in 3D window the tracker expands as if though getting ready to input a distance but then re-tracks and wont allow me to input a distance at all. Has this happened to anyone?

I run ArchiCAD 12 on windows vista, maybe being on vista is the problem???

I have messed around with the settings tons of times trying different combination, re-installed ArchiCAD / repaired ArchiCAD aswell but nothing seems to work.

At my work we have Windows XP and run ArchiCAD 12 and i can type the distance while in 3D window. Could anyone help me on this.

Thank you for your time

An old fashioned person's advice:

Forget the tracker. Turn on the Coordinate box. Works all the time.

ArchiCAD since 4.55 ... 1995
HP Omen

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Omg thats pure genius thank you very much that worked!! I have forgotten about that tool, i remember using that in archicad 9 i thought it was removed in place of the new tracker tool ever since archiCAD 10 came out.

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Yeah ok. I thought about that too, but I mean... I found this problem since ArchiCAD 11 on Vista with an ATI card. One would think that with the new version they would have corrected this glitch!!

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