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Restoring latest version

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Hello I am needing urgent help.

Will quickly explain what happened.

I have a model on Archicad 18 Education version,
was last working on Archicad two days ago,
yesterday an electrician was working in the house and
had to switch off electricity so my computer
Today I noticed that all my curtain walls were missing, so decided
to close the project and press 'don't save'
Now all I can find is a version last saved on 5the May.
Is it possible to retrieve a later version than that? I am almost certain I have saved my work more than that, just struggling to find anything else.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you

Working on IMac
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/Users/marinasnee/Library/Application Support/Graphisoft

I have been looking on this but there is nothing that I can see in .bpn or anything usable.

If someone has been through this can you please share
Thank you
Barry Kelly
If you said "Don't save" then your current file is lost for good.
The autosave backup will have been cleared as well because you chose to shut down properly.

The best you will have is the last save and the BPN file which will be the save before that.

If you think you saved it somewhere but can't remember where then do a search on your entire hard drive for the file name.
You should be able to search for the file name or any PLN fine created within a certain date range.
Sorry I am not a Mac user so don't know how to do that.

This will find all the files with that name (or within the date range) and you can choose which is the newest.

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