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Revert Uniform Settings for line tool

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I've created a floor plan view in gray scale for the structural engineer using ArchiCAD 19, but i think he accidentally checked the option of " UNIFORM SETTINGS FOR LINE TOOLS " therefore everything including the grayed out floor plan now displays with the same pen weight. How can we revert the floor plan view back to the initial pen set assigned to that view.

I appreciate your support

Barry Kelly
" UNIFORM SETTINGS FOR LINE TOOLS " does just what it says and no more.
It sets the defaults of all the line tools (line, circle, spline, polyline) so that they are the same , but this will only affect all future drawn lines.
It will not affect existing lines already placed in the plan.

It could be that the actual pen set for the view has been altered so go into the view settings and change the pen set there to one more colourful.
Or possibly there is a Graphic Override in place that is overriding the pen colours.

All lines drawn after setting this option will have the same settings, i.e. all the same pen colour, line type.
Even changing the pen set or GO may alter the colour, but they will still all be the same.
The only way to make them different to each other is to change them manually.

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