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Roof Pitch


I am replicating a plan where the roof extends lower on one side than the other.  Could anyone please share some advice on the easiest method here.  Thanks!

The roof pitch is not noted on the existing plans also - what would be the best way to pinpoint the pitch. Thanks for any assistance!


Hi @Ashleigh1, drop the roof pitch on the right hand side of your gable till it stops at the right point. Looks like about 60 deg on that side ? Then view it in 3D adjust accordingly. That dormer roof looks about 12 degrees, use a separate roof plane for that or use a sky light with a shed dormer roof. To measure the angle on paper use a protractor or import the pdf file into Archicad and draw lines and measure the angle with the angular dimension tool. 

Hope that helps you get started.

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You can take the images above into archicad, and use the angle-measuring-tool to find the pitch...



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