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Roof tiles accessory

Fran_ois Chatelain
Hi there,
I'm having major problems generating 3d with the roof tiles accessory in AC 12 and 13.
The computer grinds to a halt, the estimated time increases to hundreds of minutes until I force quit. This is driving me nuts.
Admittedly some of the roofs are fairly big and the tiles fairly small (rounded tiles with resolution set to 6), but even when I select the smallest roof it takes ages to generate a 3d view.
Is this a known bug, or am I asking too much to poor AC?
Computer is a 8 core 2.8Ghz MacPro running OsX.5.8 with 22Gb of Ram.
Any ideas?

François Chatelain
Worldwide Digital Imaging
Formerly posting as RanXerox
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i had the same problem, i think its to do with the large polygon count produced by the tiles.try using the tiles only on sections you want to render.or use the marquee tool to build only the section you require.
i purchased Cadimage and the problem was solved by using their roofing materials.

the large polygon count had a knock-on effect, causing the model in Artlantis to crash continueously.

good luck

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