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Stair Tool Basics - Custom Tread

Andrea Polgar

It is possible to save elements as Library Object which can be used as custom Treads. Any ARCHICAD element can be turned into a custom Tread Library Object. This article describes you how to create a custom Tread using the Morph Tool.

  • Activate the Stair Tool and place a Stair. In this example a straight stair is used.
  • Select the Stair and open its Stair Selection Settings.
  • Navigate to the 'Structure' option (left side of the dialog) and uncheck 'Structure' on the right.
  • Select 'Finish' on the left.
  • Check 'Uniform Finish on Flight and Landing' on the right side of the panel.
  • Select 'Tread' for the 'Finish' (right side of the dialog)
  • Click ok.
  • Select the Stair and activate the 'Edit Mode' by clicking on 'Edit' appears next to the selected Stair.
  • Navigate to 3D and select the first step of the Stair.
  • Do a right click and select 'Convert Selection to Morph' from the Contextmenu. A Warning Dialog will pop up, close it by clicking on OK. The color of this element will be changed. This indicates that the first step is a Morph now. (The first step is deleted automatically).
  • Exit the 'Edit Mode' by pressing Esc.
  • Select the Morph and create your custom Tread.
  • Keep the Morph selected and navigate to Files › Libraries and Objects › Save Selection › Stair Tread
  • A Dialog pops up, close it by clicking on OK.
  • The Tread needs to be saved into the Embedded Library (by default),  the 'Save Tread' dialog pops up, where proper name and location should be defined. Click on 'Save'.
  • A Ghost preview will appear in the 3D window. With this preview you first need to define the position of the Tread. You need to find the middle point.




  • Secondly the orientation is needed to be defined.
  • One other dialog pops up where the basic settings of the new Tread (eg. surface, pen) can be defined. Click ok.
  • After saving the custom Tread delete the Morph or hide it.
  • Select the Stair and open its setting.
  • Select the Finish › Tread Flight on left and click on the 'Reset Custom Treads' at the bottom of the dialog. This command puts back the missing first step.
  • Now navigate to 'Flight Tread Settings' on the right, click on 'Built-In Tread' and select your custom made Tread.
  • Click ok.

Check the ARCHICAD YouTube Channel for tutorials about the Railing Tool and the Stair Tool.

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