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Surfaces and Texture Library


Hi Community

I'm quite new to the software so thanks for helping. I've imported a texture library  (I have Archicad 25 if that helps) and it appears to be sitting in the Library Manager but when I go to surfaces to select a texture, none of the textures are there? The only textures/surfaces present are those which came with the program. Not sure what I have done....Thanks!


This is a link to the Help article for manage surface textures for AC26 but the principles are the same for 25.

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Barry Kelly

That library does not create new surfaces in your file.

It just allows you to browse for a pre set-up surface when you create your own new surface attribute.

So you choose 'NEW' and then 'Browse from Catalogue' to add your own surfaces.


Once you have them in your file (ideally your template file) you can use the Attribute Manager in any other file to import them to that file if they don't yet exist in that file.



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Is this texture library an lcf file or a folder with jpegs???


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