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Texture Alignment in Curtain Walls?

Jeff Galbraith

I've seen a few old posts on this but nothing in several years, and nothing that comes right out and answers the question:  Is there any way to set the origin and orientation for textures applied to curtain wall objects?


There does not appear to be.  The menu option is greyed out when selecting the entire curtain wall, and even when inside ether edit command and selecting an individual curtain wall panel.  


We use the curtain wall tool's a very powerful tool for creating frame like objects, but this limitation keeps popping up and ruining the party.  Any solutions to this? (other than converting to a morph?)



Jeff G

Archicad 27 USA (full), Macbook Pro (16-inch 2023, M3 MAX, 128 GB RAM)

Going through the same here. Is there a way to ask for they to add this function?