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Waiting for 3D the clock ticks

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I am running AC on a dual processer MAC with lots of memory and still it takes for ever to run the 3D views.
Yes it makes a difference if I only take a view of the required area, etc, etc. However, does anybody have a way to stop the redrawing of a view for each and every modification one does? So that one can make a few changes and then, and only then, ask for a redraw - so that the time it takes to redraw will be all taken at once ?
What version of Archicad? In Archicad 9, you can use "Manual Rebuild."

Is any "non-needed" layer turned off? Are you interior layers turned off when you build elevations? Are your section depths appropriate? (elevations only go to ridge line, not through entire building)
Tom Waltz
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You can tell AC to not auto rebuild the 3d window by going to work environment imaging and calculation. Deselect the appropriate settings, you are now in control.
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