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What are new tools for ARCHICAD 13?

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Hello 🙂
I was wondering if we maybe know what new tools we can expect with the new version of Archicad?
I finaly hope for 3D composite structure layers to be visible, also their 2D representation to be automaticly adjusted to the layer thickness (eg. thermal insulation).
Slab layers and their intersection with wall layers...
Also maybe while defining wall composite layers we can also define each layer height.
Better and more detailed quantity take-off is a must.
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Waiting for the presence of ArchiCAD 13 is making me very curious
I hope in ArchiCAD 13 can be realized:
- The freeform modeling tools
- Interface changes that will be more interesting with Windows 7 coming soon
- Native and pure running 64 bit
Would hope there is not excessive
I'm sorry my English

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See, thats the problem.
You want advanced freeform modeling eventhou there are some basic modeling concepts that are still missing and are crucial for building designers.
Whats the hurry?!

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Hello Mario,
Not that I think a hurry, but with the concept of freeform modeling tools are also things it can be started from the basic with all the freedom we want more or deepens GDL script.
If I have any hope in ArchiCAD 13 later this tool has become a more complete

Petros Ioannou
Generally speaking and looking at the development of Archicad in the new Nemetschek era (and the 12 month upgrade cycle) you should expect the following:
Enhancements on half completed tools presented on the previous version (such Curtain wall) and a new half completed tool which will act as an attraction for potential upgraders.... and so on...

In my opinion what GS lost on the way is the will to create the best possible architectural tool- the one that you could swear on and forget anything else...*
They somehow give me the impression that they develop AC having in mind potential target groups (virtual trace for 2d autoCAD addicts etc)

Still though I believe its the best solution around.. but for how long?


*An outdated Autocad user can complete his work without any supplementary software. He might be slow but he gets the work done using only one application.
Does the same applies in AC? Just take a look at peoples signatures in here... Most of them have a supplementary modeler or addon...
Not Free-form modeling but freedom on modeling!!
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Rather than release AC13 so that you make a new stream of revenue, how about fixing the BUGS that remain in AC12 and give us US Architects groovier LIBRARIES. The Australians and Europeans have better standard libraries.

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Go to this link but don't play the mooovies
(and this is in native revit, no add-ons in sight)

..........forget all the relationships they can set up too

........and the new renderer they've got

(I could go on, believe me)

....and you'll realise if GS want to be relevant they have an enormous amount of work to do. In fact given their track record I would have to say it probably is beyond them....

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Carmel wrote:
Rather than release AC13 so that you make a new stream of revenue, how about fixing the BUGS that remain in AC12 and give us US Architects groovier LIBRARIES. The Australians and Europeans have better standard libraries.
Are there any add on programs or support sites that can supply your US Lib parts?

Here in Aus we have Arkiklub and in NZ cadimage tools to supply
the extra parts we need. Thats why I changed from Chief to Archicad.

You want to talk about bugs and not being up to date Chief is light years
behind ArchiCAD.

Bring on AC13!

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As i've heard, teamwork has been completely redesigned in AC13.

Considering new Revit's mental ray renderer, interference checking etc. it seems like AC is seriously getting behind in the race.

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If you go to Augi (revit's forum) you'll see how everyone there is extremely mad at Autodesk and are not upgrading this year. The new release only has new freeform modeling tools, a new UI and some improvements here and there (native 64 bit, direct 3D, new import export file format). That's it.

You want to be impressed, check out the new Rhino v5

Over 100 features and enhancements.

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