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What are new tools for ARCHICAD 13?

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Hello 🙂
I was wondering if we maybe know what new tools we can expect with the new version of Archicad?
I finaly hope for 3D composite structure layers to be visible, also their 2D representation to be automaticly adjusted to the layer thickness (eg. thermal insulation).
Slab layers and their intersection with wall layers...
Also maybe while defining wall composite layers we can also define each layer height.
Better and more detailed quantity take-off is a must.
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oreopoulos wrote:

Have you seen anyone in the market charging bug fixes?

Possible Sales Slogan:

"Archicad 13: It actually works, now."
Dwight Atkinson

instead of griping [my goodness you do gripe a lot - c'mon guys, it's Summer], maybe some reading is in order.

How about: Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

hint: Kuhn is the guy who put the term 'paradigm shift' on the map
Think Like a Spec Writer

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Possible Sales Slogan:

"Archicad 13: It actually works, now."

"Archicad 13: It actually works, not." ... just kidding

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rather damning when a thread about the latest version devolves into an argument about whether the software works.....

I think what is being damned is the industry. Does ArchiCAD work perfectly? No. But it works very well compared to all of the other BIM/CAD software out there. It's like asking, are you a perfect Architect? No, but I exercise the standard of care and due diligence that is expected in my region (or above!). I will never be perfect. I hope my clients don't expect that.

You can just as well get on the Honda web site and complain that your Civic doesn't fly or run on salt water. And you'd think they'd have it down so you don't have to change the oil and make repairs after 200,000 miles. Well, they don't, no one does, and whoever figures it out will be a rich man.

So let's all be on the lookout for the next great paradigm shift in design, and until then, we'll work diligently to improve our processes one step at a time.
Chuck Kottka
Orcutt Winslow
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Like anyone I use a number of different software packages. Of these quite a few are systems or applications I've settled on using not because they're simply best of breed but because they're almost the best I imagine they can be, i.e. I have very little to offer the developer in the way of complaints or suggestions.

For whatever reason the CAD/BIM software industry just doesn't have such a contender. In the BIM category ArchiCAD does seem to be the best of the bunch, but unfortunately that's not saying a lot.

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Christiaan wrote:
For whatever reason the CAD/BIM software industry just doesn't have such a contender.
I would risk that this less than perfection has got to do with the complexity of the end product.

Designing a building is manifolds more complex than, say, writing a text or retouching a photograph.

If you then consider that each building is different from the next, each architect has his own workflow, and that each country has it's own quirks on how to produce a project, then you realize that producing a single software, or even a software package, that can cope with all the variables is a huge task.

This does not mean that I am content with the current version of ArchiCAD (whichever one it is), or even that I am not eternally hopefull that the next one will grant me all my wishes, but I try to remember the reality of our field of work.

I'm not sure I buy into that argument Miguel. The one thing that generally seems to be in common with the software I mention above is that they are lead by pedantic perfectionists or productive narcissists, who ship.

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Can you give us examples of mentioned softwares ?

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its funny how everyday i read up the forum's gist wrt to gs still waiting for a flash of the nu product but then time is beginning to play a major deciding factor.the great thing is that i have won and designed major buildings with earlier gs product(still doing).
try'd my hands on others but workflow is never close to gs products.
i wish and i hope gs undertsands that every voice in this forum represents more voice; than they can ever think off.
second time on the forum post and i hope to do more, when your ............13, takes center stage.

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