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Windows on the top of each other


A question about AC22, but I think it aplies to other versions as well.


If there are two windows on the top of each other, is there a way of controlling which one of them is displayed "on the top" in plan?


I have two windows on the top of each other with different geometry in the file that which I'm working on at the moment and I need to display only the top one in plan. Is there a way of doing so?


So far I've only managed to do that if I place a new bottom window first and then the "top" one. But is there a way of editing existing ones? Ideally, I would like to avoid remodelling all such windows in my project...


There are a couple options you could try:

1) Assuming the "top" window is above the cut plane, you could set the display window of your wall to "Cut Only", which would eliminate the top window from floor plan view.

2) If your wall setting is set to "Projected with Overhead", you can set your "top" window to display as "Overhead All" which would have it show up as dashed or another line type you choose as your overhead line. Or you can set the "top" window to display as "Projected" and it would not show up at all.

3) There are likely a few more combinations you could try to get the best result by mixing the wall and window display settings.

Andrew Arkell

AC 18-27 USA 4060
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Thanks Andrew,


Unfortunately I needed to label both windows on my plans, so I could not really "hide" the bottom windows.

I ended up remodelling my windows anyway, that is to place them in the "right order" so that they are displayed like I need them to be.

But it is a shame that Display Order does not work on Window elements. That would do exactly what I needed.

Got it. If you want to label both you could still set the "top" window display setting to "overhead all" and change it's overhead line type to dashed (or dotted if you want it "invisible"). It would still be selectable but would look more like one window for plan purposes, but with both still selectable and tags displayed. Screenshot below shows the "top" window with dotted overhead line. Hope that helps!






Andrew Arkell

AC 18-27 USA 4060
HP Z6 G4 Workstation | Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6226R CPU @ 2.90GHz | Windows 10
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