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curtain wall elements

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this may be an obvious question, but here goes...
i'm just starting to use the curtain wall tool (despite not having the need for it previously, i'm starting to see it's value for things beyond modelling curtain walls: timber framing, decks, tilt-up panels etc.). while experimenting with the tool though, i note that there are three accessory items available (sunshade, cap and anchor) and one junction object (also a handful of panel, window and door elements).
My question is: where are these elements located within structure of the archicad library, are there others available (from GS or 3rd party) and is it possible to create custom elements (and if so, how)?
any assistance appreciated.
Barry Kelly
The objects are in a folder called "Curtain Walls 12".
The exact location in the default library I can't tell you as I don't use it.
I just copied this into my library.

These are not visible as normal objects.
They can only bee seen when using the curtain wall tool.

I am not sure if you can make custon accessories but you can certainly make custom panels and frames.
here is a good link for info.

If you are handy with GDL there should be no reason why you can't create your own accessories but you would need to know what you are doing.

I don't know of any third party accessories but hopefully it will be just a matter of time (although it has been a year already since 12 & curtain walls came out).

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