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degrees minutes seconds

Graham Whipple
I am working to get a boundary drawn into a new file and cannnot seem to get ArchiCAD to recognize degree, minute, second input. I wish I could just get the CAD file, but these are old drawings and the civil engineer is out of business.

I've searched through the forum and found several threads which all mention things I've tried. The most current threads I am finding are from 2010.
I am wondering if this is a bug in AC15. This is what I am seeing

I am trying to input a reference line that is 0deg 7min 49 seconds clockwise from North.
If I constrain a line using shift for some arbitrary or defined distance, then select A to input the angle I end up with a true vertical line.
If I don't constrain the line and then use A for input I get the actual angle of my cursor from the start point instead of the value I input.
If I draw a vertical line and then try and rotate the line to the desired angle it isn't accurate either.

Any suggestions? What settings should I be checking to have?

Graham Whipple
Resin Architecture

Idaho USA
Graham Whipple
I seem to have resolved the issue. Thanks for the views.
I had selected degrees minutes seconds in working units settings, but should have selected surveyor units.

I am not sure what the degrees minutes seconds settings is supposed to do if it doesn't rotate a line properly. I believe this is still a bug.

Graham Whipple
Resin Architecture

Idaho USA
Barry Kelly
Working units for Degrees, Minutes & Seconds is fine.

Just start to draw your line in the direction you want to measure the angle from (the first point of the line being the centre of the angle).
Use the automatic guide lines to constrain your line vertically or horizontally and you will not have to constrain with any keyboard shortcuts.

Press "A" so you tracker appears ready to input the angle.
Type "0D7M49S-" or "0 7 49-" is easier and then press Enter.
The minus (-) after the angle will subtract from the initial constrained angle and a plus (+) will add to the initial angle.
Plus (+) will move your line anti-clockwise and minus (-) will move your line clockwise.

You don't even have to use the guidelines to constrain the initial angle.
You could begin to draw along an existing line that is already on an angle.
The figure you type in with a + or - after will be relative to this initial line.

It is very easy to draw up site boundaries in this way if you have all the internal corner angles.

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