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door-window marker v24 export import


I currently use v24 NOR. & v24UK, I see that the UK (D marker 24) version has a different graphic (door type in circle) to the NOR and would like to import this to NOR, but can not find the export/import 'button'.

Selection of marker type gives the opportunity to load 'other door marker', but this appears to lead to a blank wall.

The NOR version is OK (without the d-type in a circle), but it has embedded text in own language which seems to be unalterable & not so good for international use.

Please advise:

- import/export marker text for windows &doors

- adjust embedded tekst in markers

Barry Kelly

The 'load other door marker' option requires you to have access to the marker file on your system.

As the UK library is probably an LCF (Library Container File), you will need to extract that file so you have access to all of the individual files.

Then you will be able to load and browse for that marker file.



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