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how to scale a 3d building model




How do I scale a 3d model which I built at 1:100 scale into a 1:200 scale. When I tried to marquee it with the marquee all floors setting and then I went to edit->reshape->resize and resize the whole model based on a segment, my 3d model didn't scale fully and the heights are wrong. (see picture 3dresized)

What should I do?



plan1.jpgresized plan.jpg3dresized.jpg
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Barry Kelly

You should be modelling everything a 1:1.

i.e. if you want a wall 1 meter long, you will model as 1m or 1000mm (depending on your working units).

You wouldn't say you want a 1m wall at 1:200, so I will model it only 500mm long (half the size).

That is not to say you have to set the scale to 1:1 to model anything.

It doesn't matter what the scale is, you just model it to the true size.


In your plans, sections, elevations, details, you then set the scale that you want to see them at.

You should be saving views in the view map that has these scales saved with them.

You can create as many views of the same view point (plans, elevations, etc., and save each view with a different scale.

They all come from the same 1:1 model.


In 3D there really is no scale, you just see the model and zoom in and out.

I am not really sure why it shows the scale in the 3D window, as it really does nothing (unless maybe an object's level of detail is linked to the scale?).

But there is no annotation in 3D so scale is irrelevant.



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