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save archicad 16 file to archicad 14 file

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how can i save an archicad 16 file so as to send it to my collaborator that works with archicad 14? he works on mac osx leopard so he cannot upgrade to any archicad over 14 (15 and 16 require snow leopard or above). it is insane for graphisoft not to have intercommutability within it's own interface! i on the other hand to not own archicad 15 so i cannot save to archicad15 and then resave to archicad14. what does one do?
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I had this same problem and like you thought it was insane that you can't save back longer then 1 version number of ArchiCad.

Support told me the only way to do it was through 15 and have all versions of ArchiCad installed on my computer...

I'd also be grateful for a simpler answer then this.
Eduardo Rolon
Except for Autocad most CAD programs do not save backward compatible versions. AC has a workaround which is to go back one version at a time. From 16 to 15 to 14. This procedure has the drawback that you might loose information along the way. For example 15 does not have the Morph tool so any Morphs that are not saved as objects will disappear when you save as AC15. ALso if I remember correctly AC14 does not have shells so those too might disappear along the way.

If you need AC15 you can request it from your reseller it will work with your current key.

You can also try an IFC export, which will let you go from 16 directly to 14 but there can be surprises along the way.
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Karl Ottenstein
Your license for 16 basically licenses you for every prior version ever released... so you can obtain a (free) copy of 14 and 15 from your reseller. Backwards-saving only works one version at a 16 to 15, then 15 to 14. Information will be lost if any features not existing in 14 or changed since 14 were used.

If your collaborator works in 14 ... you should work in 14.

[edit:] this post seems out of context, but I replied to a duplicate thread which I just merged... Michelle, please do not double post in multiple forums.
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ejrolon wrote:
You can also try an IFC export, which will let you go from 16 directly to 14 but there will be surprises along the way.

Michelle & Mangesmi,

Revit does not save to previous versions at all. ArchiCAD is actually well ahead on this score.

You might be able to get a copy of 15 from your dealer, or even GS directly. Or perhaps get help from someone who has it.
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