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zone tool with graphic editing


hey all.

im facing an issue with the zone stamp and it noticed it when its actually too late. now i need to go back and fix all these stamps manually.

can someone advise as the "graphic editing" box is not matching the zone area that needs to be calculated. and im not sure how to make the zone and the graphic editing line match

please find snippets of what i mean and the difference in numbers.









whenever i apply the zone stamp, the border is floating out and with different shape and dimensions.






Barry Kelly

Looking at your images I am guessing that is not a standard zone stamp?

It is one that seems to have an extra border to represent the room size.

If that is the case, it will not stretch automatically to match the room, you will have to adjust it with the hotspots for each room to give it the size you want to measure.



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correct. its CI tools zone stamp. it seems that i will need to re adjust everything manually ! 

thanks barry 

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