Almost 30 Years of Great relationship!

Celia Matsuda

In 1995, I graduated from Liceu de Artes e Oficio with a technical high school degree in Civil Construction Design. I worked part-time in an architectural office throughout college.

I was accepted to the Mackenzie University for Architecture and Urbanism in São Paulo, Brazil. In those days, we first drew in pencil on tracing paper and if everything was correct, we redrew with a Naquin pen and Normographer.


I shudder even today remembering how much work was involved and the amount time wasted when I needed to change the view of a frame with shutters that had been modified. I even felt a little dissatisfied because of the amount of time required on the mechanical and manual functions. During my college years what with working, studying, and preparing college papers, I was always tired. So the time for resting and going out with my friends on the weekends was almost impossible.


One day, getting copies and doing handouts at DAFAM (the Mackenzie Architecture academic center), I came across an ad for an internship in an Apple reseller in Sao Paulo, selling a revolutionary software for Architects.


In those days (1995), there wasn’t any internet only a specific communication called BBS (Bulletin Board System) via dial-up modem even before the ICQ that appeared in 1996. Something I had no idea what it was because I didn't have a computer, nor access to information other than through Public Libraries or newspapers.


This Archicad version 4.55 software was terrific. The automatic cuts, 3D, render, sketch filters in the rendering, and automatic change of documentation of even the horrible sashes with shutters!!!!!

To my surprise, I was the hired intern.


My first week working, my boss locked me in the meeting room with 1 Power Macintosh 6200 series computer, Archicad 4.55, installed along with a manual in English for me to read and learn by myself.




When I told my college friends about this software, I felt like a being from the future, like an E.T. trying to convey to mortals that they thought everything was crazy. The computer classes were in Autocad 13.0.











Me presenting Archicad at a technology fair in Bahia (1995)























Me presenting my College Graduation Project done in Archicad; it was a proposal to make the Pinheiros River navigable to the Interlagos Racetrack. (1997)

















The mockup of my project done in Archicad 5.1, at that time there was no BIMx. (1997)




Me working part-time in an architectural office with Archicad. (1997)


After graduating, I wanted to be an architect. I started my Architectural career working in offices that used the software. The Apple Reseller was closed, and only later, much later, we would have Graphisoft Brasil here in São Paulo.






In the meantime, I worked in architectural offices and later as a freelance architect.


The software gave me what I needed; create, modify, and document everything by myself, without hiring other collaborators or interns.


I wish I could do everything right and fast.





























That's when dear Isabel Sipahi created the Graphisoft certified trainers’ program here in Brazil. I signed up for the second class and started working as a certified Archicad trainer as well.



Cat Lina Bo Bardi (office mascot) attending one of my classes for the GAAZ Architecture office.




And getting closer to Graphisoft in 2020, Isabel invited me to be part of the contractor team and help create and coordinate training.





I coordinated and created the Archicad Essential Interiors Training with the help of other certified trainers.


As a coach for architects, engineers, and students of different ages, I saw that each one learned in a differently.


Some are new and tech-savvy and have time to study but no practical construction or construction experience. Others are older and sometimes over 60 years old, with a lot of knowledge of building, construction, and architecture but little skill with technology and time to practice.


Some people are auditory, some are visual, and some are kinesthetic. Some like recorded training without interaction, others with a trainer to answer specific questions and create relationships with other professionals.

Each person has a need, and the most incredible thing is that Graphisoft is always ready to listen to each one's needs and works to help with lots of love and care.


That's why in March of this year, I accepted Gustavo Carezzato's (our Latam director) proposal for the position of Customer Engagement. I'm thrilled to be part of this great family.



Me at Graphisoft Brazil. (2022)


With all these new recorded and coached training, Campus Rep, a program aimed at students, consultancies, and Community, my dream is coming true. A goal that I have been striving for the last 27 years.  It will only be completed when I can take a picture at the Hungarian headquarters and ask founder Gábor Bojár for an autograph.


I can say that Archicad runs through my veins. It's not 40 but almost 30 years of a great relationship. It allows me to create, learn and help people to have more time for what matters, Life!



My Private Graphisoft Museum



For me, Archicad is Life! And let another 30 years come!


Thank you Graphisoft for building my life together with me!

Arq. Celia Matsuda


Good for you Arq. Celia Matsuda! I started in the 1990's and my first upgrade was version 5.5. I sometimes grumble at its deficiencies but still use, and like, the program. Am now using AC 26!

Celia Matsuda

Uau ! Another Archicad fan like me! I would like to know your Graph Story too. 

Thank you @KeesW  !