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“AI” User Question Answers


I was wondering if it would be possible to generate an “AI” answer to our questions on the forum ?

We could have an “AI” response as well as other user replies, if “AI” is not accurate enough that is.

May save us a heap of time for for simpler questions.

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@Barry Kelly wrote:


As automatically generated answers to questions in the forum it is a bad idea in my opinion.


I agree with Barry on this. AI is very powerful and we should keep an eye on it, but according to my tests and experience, it currently is not reliable enough to be incorporated into the Community to provide automatic answers. Part of its answers would be incorrect and users would have to make critical judgments about which parts of its answer is right and which is wrong. If a user can make that distinction, they do not really need AI because they already know the answer themselves. If they can't (the reason they are asking the question in the first place), AI's answer may confuse them more than help them.

Hopefully, more advancements will be made and AI will be reliable enough for this functionality to be incorporated into the GS Community.

However, in my opinion, we are not there yet. Until then, people can just register with OpenAI and use ChapGPT (or other AI tools) for this purpose if they want to.

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