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Forum related Questions: Mimic Old forum's "New posts since last visit"

Stress Co_

I started this list and then figured some of it out.

I'll leave it here if someone has the same questions.


1) Is this the correct place to post "Forum Related Questions"?  Seems we lost that Forum Section.


2) What is the best way to mimic the old forum's: "New posts since last visit"?  The "Most Recent" list is the same after logging in/out.  Do I need to do an RSS feed (please say no)?  

SOLUTION:  Set "Posts & Topics:"  "Mark posts as read" setting to "Automatically, when I log off".


3)  Set the 'Most Recent" list to posts instead of topics (see #2)?

SOLUTION:  Set "Posts & Topics" "Sort topics by" setting to "Time of most recent post".


4) Is there a way to weed out of the "Most Recent" list, the forum threads which I’m not interested in viewing (for example: Teamwork or Developer forum)?   Labels?




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Community Admin

Maybe, to help others, let us specify where these settings are:


So, you need to click your Profile icon in the upper right corner of the page, and click "My settings".

In the "My settings" page, click "Preferences", and select the "Posts and Topics" item from the list on the left. Then you will find the "Mark posts as read" and "Sort topics by" settings.



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