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How to add comments about EcoDesigner Star

Thomas Graabaek

Hi Community


How can I add comments for the article on EcoDesigner STAR:


I can see others have placed comments, but I can't. I can add comments to other articles, but not this one ...???


Karl Ottenstein

Comments appear to be closed for that article.  Only an admin can do that.  (We moderators cannot do anything about articles - edit/correct them, etc.)


However... in general... it is best to bring up any issues or questions in a forum thread.  If you find an actual error in an article send a direct message to the author (or most recent editor) of the article.


Look forward to seeing your comments in a fresh post in the Design Forum (until we - finally - get a sustainable architecture forum)... but in particular with a subject line that directly summarizes the concern / issue 🙂


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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

This was a recent change made by Graphisoft to disable comments for articles.

The recommended way of discussing articles is to start a new thread in the relevant forum and post a link to the article in question in the opening post of the discussion thread.

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Thomas Graabaek

Thank's for clearing this up. – I'll make a new post with my question 😄

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