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Parametric design
About Rhino & Grasshopper and PARAM-O.

Any news about AC-GH connection or will it has chance to be Rhino inside Archicad?

Funfun Yan

I don't mean to disgust anyone, I just really hope that this plugin can continue to speed up development. Many of my colleagues around me have using Rhino, and seeking bim software to Revit because RIR,  and I am very unwilling and helpless. 


And by the way can we develpe an ac plugins with the help of chatGPT?


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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

There are Grasshopper-related features on the Roadmap, in the "Coming Soon", the "In Progress", and the "Under Research" categories, but I do not see any mention of Rhino Inside:

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Thank you Laszlo! I'll go take a look now.

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