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Feature Request: Auto-Match [AC Input Components] in GH according to Data Keys


Afaik it requires manual human input to select e.g. Favorites of AC in Grasshopper.
This is a bit a showstopper for an automatic workflow at the moment.

A List of scheduled Rooms and it's briefed area are loaded from an external Database with GH to create all of them automatically in Archicad where we have already pre-defined Favorites of the corresponding Zones.

Currently it doesn't seem to be possible to automatically match the Input "Favorite" with a corresponding key value (e.g. the Names) and then pick the existing one matching in Archicad as the component "Favorite" requires (like many others from the Archicad GH components) a manual selection.

So, big wish: A way of accessing this Attribute Data directly to really unleash the real power of algorithmic automatization.


Does the AC Grasshopper plug-In called Mole do something like this? Could it assist?
Think Like a Spec Writer

AC4.55 through 26 / USA AC25-6000 USA

Rhino 7 Mac

MacOS 12.6.5

No, that's something totally different. Mole is just a cluster which could help you to automatically create Slabs and Walls out of an existing Space Syntax.

I am talking about the limitation of the Livebridge itself and not about the given use case as it currently needs user interaction to select Input like Favorites e.g. Archicad Zones from the Template File which already contains all the required Properties for a type of room.

I would like to load all my favorites to match them automatically with a key value.

Input in GH:
List of Polygons: Crv A, Crv B, Crv C
List of Zone Name (= Keys): Office, Kitchen, Bedroom

In Archicad I have already Favorites with Classifications and Properties applied for those Rooms but NOW I have to select them manually with right-click and choose from a List.

I would like to see that this matching happens automatically - so that I can create a Data Tree for the Zone Settings/Favorites which matches with the Input list of Polygons to achieve that Crv A = Office; Crv B = Kitchen; Crv C = Bedroom.

Right now, it's just semi-automatic ...

This kind of UI criteria is not "grasshopperistic" at all.

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