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Parametric design
About Rhino & Grasshopper and PARAM-O.

GDL object not showing up in Param-O


The script works on its own. It's a simple GDL object, sits under the model element subtype and has a few parameters. All of which work (well ?)


I would like to insert this newly created GDL object into Param-O and make a nested parametric element. 


Is there something I am not doing (right) - because of which my object doesn't show up when I try to load my object ?


Selecting placeable only, allows GDL objects to be visible in Param-O


You haven't given a lot of info. From what i guess it's not in in 3D? Then you can't see it in the 3D viewport. Param-o doesn't do 2D (you need to script it gdl)


ArchiCAD 27 | Intel Xeon W-2225 - 4.10GHz | 32 GB RAM | GeForce RTX 3080 | Windows 10

I think., you've answered my question. I have a 2&3D GDL object. I wanted to try to distribute (using a series/ range) them using param-O. But when I do this., I lose the 2D aspects my GDL object. I don't think there is currently a way to circumvent this. Unless someone can direct me to a solution. 

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