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Grasshopper - Assign Image to Surface, Map surface to Mesh

Josh Verran

I have been trying different workflows on Grasshopper.

About to test a new idea but thought I would get some feedback first as I suspect part of the process may not be possible at the moment.


The idea is simple enough, create a mesh using XYZ data, get an aerial image (google earth), assign (assign might be the wrong word here) the image to a surface, map the surface to the top of the mesh.


I know the above can be done manually without too much hassle, but I have some other ideas that I'd like to tack on if I can achieve using GH.


Can anyone comment on whether this sounds possible?

I have a suspicion that surface creation is not a feature/function at the moment.


A previous test, which gets part way there:
Screenshot 2022-09-06 155632.pngScreenshot 2022-09-06 155605.png


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