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Parametric design
About Rhino & Grasshopper and PARAM-O.

Wish: Param-o Upgrade! (More like grasshopper)

Angus J

Hi Achicad, can we see some upgrades to Param-o so that it operates more like grasshopper? By this I mean the ability to manipulate walls, columns, beams and roof forms in live view (not just create objects.) The ability to create and share custom scripts and addons would also be very handy and accelerate Param-o's capability.

Karl Ottenstein

I'm leaving your post here rather than move to the Wishlist forum, where all product requests / wishes belong... because what you're asking for is not the purpose of Param-O.   Param-O's sole intent and function is to create an object.  It has a lot of shortcomings - with many wishes for improvements - but it is solely a tool for visually creating objects.   Anything beyond that would be another product... and what you're asking for already exists in Grasshopper and the API, and with a little bit in Python.



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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

I  don't even think that it is possible in the Grasshopper Add-On to manipulate an element already existing in Archicad (although it may be possible to do with the tAPIr Add-On that is being developed by enzyme):

The Grasshopper Add-On can use an Archicad element as source/reference geometry, but it can modify only the Archicad elements it created (delete the previous version and create a new one):



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