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Accuracy of calculations and display units in Schemes


I need to display some areas in a scheme using "merge items". When I set the area unit in calculation units to have 4 decimals I get these values: 


which add to 6,0000 when I check the "merge items" option. But I have 4 decimals in my display, which is not what I want.

When I set the area unit in calculation units to have 2 decimals, the same values display as:


which add to 5,98. Now I have 2 decimals in my display but not the accuracy that I want.


Is there a way to calculate areas without rounding but display them to two decimals?


archiCAD 26

Ah, we all learn something new today. 😀

In older versions that setting is in 'Calculation Units & Rules'.

In newer version where they have separated the calculation units and rules it is in the 'Calculation Rules' dialogue.


Great pickup.

I think I will nominate that for tip of the month.



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