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Revit import problem


Good day,
I have a problem importing IFC into Revit. I have IFC exports and there is a problem with the import when the file is larger than 100MB.
The smaller 30 and 17MB building files work fine. The other objects have, for example, 180, 200, 215MB and they do not work and an error appears, see the attachment.
Does the import plugin have any size limitations? I couldn't find anything like that anywhere.

Thanks for the information and help.


Did you try ifczip file?

Archicad 25, build 4013

I haven't tried that yet. I found a tutorial:


So they could save the models directly to Revit, so we wouldn't lose important information.
The only difference I have found so far between exporting to Revit and IFC is the missing floors in Revit.
When it is saved as a Revit file, everything is in Level 1.
When it is IFC converted to Revit, there are floors exactly as we need them.
So I'm trying to make it the native export from ArchiCAD.

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