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Archicad classification based on IFC4 schema structure

Martin Jan Rosa

In my experiments with AI tools (specifically ChatGPT and CodeInterpreter/ADA), I generated an Archicad classification containing only the IFC4 class structure, or its selection corresponding to the mapping capabilities of Archicad's IFC translator. I extended the IFC classes themselves in the classification with PredefinedTypes. At the same time, I also made a 1:1 mapping for the IFC translator to save to IFC4.


Maybe some of you will find it useful too, so I'm giving it for download.


For my own purposes, this classification is useful when the primary output is an IFC4 data model. It gives me 100% certainty over what IFC classes specific model elements will be stored in. You can argue that the default Archicad classification is mapped to IFC quite decently, but it's not 100% - and especially in the CZE local version, the classification itself (and thus the mapping) is very reduced (there is virtually no level corresponding to PredefinedTypes, and there are other differences compared to the INT version).


For the average Archicad user, navigating between IFC class names can be a bit confusing at first, but based on my own experience I can confirm that it is only a matter of a relatively short time. The IFC is fairly clearly structured, with about 120 IFC classes alone (although PredefinedTypes will of course extend the classification to hundreds of additional classes). I believe that IFC is a new professional vocabulary that designers on larger projects are gradually becoming comfortable with anyway. In addition to the classes, I've added their default definitions from the IFC schema, which can greatly help with the selection and use of specific classes.


A logical question may come to mind: what about the properties? These are not included in the classification. I myself save on the use of properties (I follow the basic rule of information management that less is more, and thus only create information that is actually usable). So I gradually add properties one by one for my own needs. However, if you use standard Archicad properties, you can use the default Archicad classification (with properties bound and mapped to IFCs) and also this IFC4 classification (for mapping to IFC types). Seems like extra work, but it's not too inefficient using the popular settings.


For more information and a version of the classification that includes a Czech translation of the definitions (which I also generated using GPT and DeepL), see
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