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Assistance Needed: Archicad 27 Hotlink Problem


Facing an issue with Archicad 27 while using Hotlinks in my project. All 13 residential buildings are inserted as hotlinks, and when trying to open the 3D view, Archicad crashes due to a bug.

To simplify, I've used a consistent template for all files and deactivated unnecessary object layers, focusing only on the building envelope for rendering. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!


Try to remove any addons or custom libraries to check if there is something that causes this crash. 

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You’ll have to remove each hotlink one by one, checking your 3d after each one is removed to indentify which has the corrupt degenerated polygon. 
I’d suggest doing this in a separate saved off PLN do then once you e found the corrupt Kermit you can just attend to that in your active file. 
Your local archicad reseller support may be able to assist in identifying the element causing the bug. Have to sent them the bug report and a PLN/PLA of the file?

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We are having similar problems recently. Both are teamwork projects.

     - We've looked for degenerated polygons.  None are listed in the session report.

     - I've removed an add-on that we no longer have a license to: Ecodesigner Star. Yeah, that's still lingering around somehow.

     - I've tried it with a locally linked solo project. Same issue.


I can't break link on the hotlinks.


I have two options left:

     - Explode the shell into this project, in which case my graphic overrides will no longer work.

     - Bring in an IFC of the shell.  Team members have used this workaround. I still think that my graphic overrides will no longer work.


This is a big issue for such a tiny tenant improvement. Please fix this.


do you use PLN or MOD files as hotlinks?

saving / exporting as a modul file (*.MOD) results in a smaller hotlink with less overhead data.

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Thanks for your suggestion.  Our primary use case is hotlinking a full Teamwork project into another full Teamwork project.


The one I'm working on is a tenant improvement fast food restaurant in a gas station convenience store. A more common use case is to link buildings onto a site.


I've tried doing the T.I. and multiple buildings in a single Teamwork project. That can work with some effort, but there are advantages to having them and the site in separate Teamwork projects.  Normally this workflow goes seamlessly.


But, this convenience store is causing issues. I've duplicated the project and started slicing and dicing it (cutting it in half to create two more files, then doing that again) to isolate the offending element. I've isolated it to about 400 elements on the 1st story. Trying to isolate further.  This will fix crashes on at lease three T.I.s.


I've used .MOD files before. Frankly, the cumbersomeness of opening a full Archicad file before opening the .MOD file makes it undesirable.

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