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BIMcloud as a Project Coordination Platform

Belinda Ercan
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

As the world of AEC has become more deeply interconnected, so have the different disciplines with their myriad of various platforms, software tools and file types.  In times of a digital transformation, it’s great to see these all converging into one single multi-disciplinary activity. Now the challenge lies in coordinating it.

The excruciating pain here felt by BIM managers and team leaders reflects the fact that holding everything together – managing, synchronizing, communicating and connecting multiple projects and stakeholders – can be a very bumpy road. Keeping project teams aligned in all its complexity requires one top-notch solution that lies in the cloud.

Of course, not just any cloud: BIMcloud, GRAPHISOFT’s real-time teamwork platform. It has been transformed into a model hub for multi-disciplinary collaboration and coordination.


As a centralized project management and coordination hub, BIMcloud is scalable and can be customized for specific situations and needs.
Structural and MEP engineering teams can easily join the design process via BIMcloud. Structural engineers can create their complex structural analytical models automatically within Archicad. At the same time, BIMcloud – regardless of size or project complexity – provides a level playing field for all team members to flexibly access transformative technologies, share intents, ongoing efforts and create a truly integrated workflow already at an early design stage.

The BIMcloud Project serves as a central directory for all information and settings related to a design project.
Read this article to learn more about BIMcloud Projects, file- and project management on BIMcloud.

With its Teams functionality, BIMcloud ensures that every member of the project team has the access rights needed to collaborate, upload and download relevant files needed for coordination. Read this article to learn how BIMcloud Teams help you configure customizable permissions for your project teams.
The new organizational, data exchange, project- and file management solutions mirror the complexity of real-life multi-disciplinary projects.

Besides BIMcloud on-premise, BIMcloud is also available as a service subscription, so you can choose the solution that best serves your company's needs. With BIMcloud as a Service, you get access to your private BIMcloud server hosted by GRAPHISOFT in the cloud. No IT setup required – just start the server and in no time, the bumpy road of coordinating teamwork will turn into a smooth ride.

For more information on BIMcloud, please visit this site.
For more information about BIMcloud SaaS, please read this article: BIMcloud as a Service.

BIMcloud uses GRAPHISOFT’s patented “Delta” technology, providing an ultra-fast design sharing and collaboration platform. Only element changes are sent between team members, keeping network load to its minimal.

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