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BUG: Coordinate Input Logic > "Prefer polar coordinates in Tracker during straight vector input"


Is this the right forum? Maybe there should be a bugs forum. I'll move the post / repost if need be.


The "Prefer polar coordinates in Tracker during straight vector input" checkbox in "Work Environment > Tracker and Coordinate Input" sometimes unchecks itself, defaulting my Tracker input to the X-coordinate until i turn "Prefer polar coordinates in Tracker during straight vector input" back on. This seems to be associated with hitting tab to change the coordinate input setting when moving an element, (Distance, X-coordinate, Y-coordinate, etc.) but doesn't happen every time.


It's difficult to predict, which makes it a little more frustrating.




AC 26.4022 US Windows 10


Barry Kelly

When ever you make a change to the WE settings, be sure to select the scheme for that section and 'Store As' your current scheme.

Otherwise you are just working with a 'Custom' WE which is not a good idea.




There is also a toggle in the tracker settings.





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