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Can you set the Survey Point's real world coordinates?


Hi everyone, I seem to be very confused about Archicad's native survey point and how it works.


I have point, a coordinate that I would like to use as the survey point. ( 33°55'23.93"S,  18°25'13.67"E). It's the corner of a building next to a square and I want to use this point as a survey point to which multiple students can geolocate their buildings around the square. So when I start a project in archicad, in a student's shoes, I want to be able to set the survey point's location that is known, and shift everything so that the student's project's basepoint is as close to their individual site as possible, say - the corner of property line. 

I can't seem to do this, I use the coordinates to set the project's location, then I move the .dwg's of the cadastral plans to a chosen site's corner as the project 0,0 (Project Basepoint). I then move the survey point to the point where I know the coordinates are - but arhicad's coordinates don't "update" to the survey point - it still sees the Project 0,0 (Project Basepoint) as the coordinates above.


If you'll look at the attached screenshot, basically: I would like the coordinate object to show those coordinates (the coordinates I do know) where the survey point is. Then, if Archicad behaved as I expected, if I would have put another coordinate object down at the project basepoint (0,0) it would show new coordinates (coordinates I do not know) which is offset from the survey point .

Does this make sense? Am I conceptualizing this wrong?

Screenshot 2023-05-10 120444.png

There is a video tutorial of how the Survey Point can be used based on a cadastral plan. It's in German, but turning on english subtitles could help you to understand the process better. Vermesserpunkt - IFC und DWG Referenzieren in Archicad 25 - YouTube

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