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Changing between imperial and metric system QUICKLY

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we are struggling between changing units from metric to imperial system. Yes we know how its done, but it is too many clicks to do it and waste a lot of our time. (40secs)
We work with European and American furniture so we non stop have to convert and therefore it would be very helpful to have option to do this more faster.
I am sure we are not the only company working like this, and company that wants to speed up process of non-sense tasks.

Ideally, there would be that option on screen in quick bar or floating palette but we haven't find it or how to set it up.

Please if you have any solution, we would really appreciate you sharing with us.

Thank you!
Eduardo Rolon
You can define a shortcut to "Working Units" under Option Menu-> Work Environment-> Shortcuts
Search there for the term, assign and save.

Also you can have the Project with one setting for unit type and have the other be the Dim Style. I.E. Working Units in meters and dimensions in Imperial
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