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Faster way to rename / renumber multiple zones?


HI, I have a multi-story, multi-unit residential building. I created several zones within each unit on one of the floors and then I copied those zones to each of the floors above since the layouts are identical. However, the zone numbers need to be revised on each level to correspond to the level they are on (so the zone Entry 101 on the first floor needs to be revised to Entry 201 on the second floor, Entry 301 on the third floor, etc.). Is there a faster way to do this other than clicking on each zone individually on each floor and renaming / renumbering them? Basically revise all zones on each floor from 101, 102, 103 to 201, 202, 203 on 2nd, 301, 302, 303 on 3rd, etc.?


The Element ID manager might be what you need.

As a side note too, If all your floor plates are identical I would look into the iceberg hotlinking strategy to optimise your workflows. 

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