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Linking properties




I need to export a IFC property that is calle ''FDV''. That property is gonna be linked to a Archicad property that is called the same.


The value of that IFC property is gonna be a folder direction type ''../BIM FDV\2 Bygning\21 Grunn og fundamenter\212 Byggegrop"


''212 Byggegrop'' is the name of one of our layer and we have a Archicad property that sorts the first numbers of the layer like this : CONCAT ( SPLITLEFT ( {Property:General Parameters/Layer}; ""; 4 ) ) so the value is 212


Im wondering how can we link those Archicad properties so when the layer is 212 the FDV property value is the correct folder.


I was thinking about create a set of Archicad properties with each code of the layer (212) and the direction of the folder as a value and kind of link those in between but I dont really know how to achieve that.


any ideas?


Operating system used: Windows 11


I kind of fixed it!


where the property that's extract the first number of the layer is:




And the new 2 property groups are:







IFS ( {Property:NS 3451 BYGNINGSDELSTABELL/NS 3451 (3-sifret)} = "231"; {Property:FDV MAPPER/231}; {Property:NS 3451 BYGNINGSDELSTABELL/NS 3451 (3-sifret)} = "232"; {Property:FDV MAPPER/232} )


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