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Merge pln file to a new template

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Recently we updated our template and we ve begun to bring some old projects into the new template. I use the Interoperability--> Merge function. it is the simplest way to do this i think without having to worry if you selected everything.

But it would be great if our selections and elevations had all their dimensions and fills.
Is that possible?
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Maybe it would be wise to export the pln as mod so that it purges whatever attributes are not used in the model. And then merge it in your template. Furthermore you can load the pln in the Attribute Manager and append whatever attributes you want from it selectively (there is a load icon top right side).
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Thanks for the advice, but what about the dimensions inside my sections and elevations.
i had to copy paste them manually from the source file to the target and ofcourse if some of my dims where associative then you cant copy paste them, you have to make them static first
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Unfortunately, there is no such merge function that would transfer your whole project.
I would try it the other way around: try to transfer the settings in the Template File into the existing Project File. In the end, it may be less work, even if certain things (like Views, for example) cannot be transferred and you have to recreate them.
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