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Moving data

So, I've a problem : I've modelled a huge building with zones. I managed to name them by Name, when i should have named them by Number. Any fast way of moving that data? we are talking 1600+ zones

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Hello, If you place the names on Zone Name, then I guess you can keep that data and just add the numbers on Zone No. box. I am not sure how you will set the numbering but if its like similar names will correspond to same number., I would do it on 3D views. Make sure your zones are visible on your 3D view- View/Elements on 3D/Filter...

Use a find and select tool, find zones all with ie: Corridor names. Select all and add zone no. But if the situation is each rooms will be a running number, then I am not sure the fastest way to do it. I hope it helps!
Barry Kelly
Kamelite wrote:
I managed to name them by Name, when i should have named them by Number. Any fast way of moving that data? we are talking 1600+ zones

I am not quite sure what you mean to do here.
Do you need to add/change info in the zones or do you just need to chnge what the zone stamp is displaying in plan?

Zones have names and numbers as well as an ID.
The name you choose as you place the zone.
The number (and ID if it contains a number) should increment as you place the zones (unless you copy and paste them).

If you need to add or change info in the name or number, you will have to edit each zone manually - in a schedule will be the easiest.

If you just need to display the zone number rather than the name in plan, you can select all zones together and adjust the settings of the zone stamp to show what you want (assuming the zones already have a number).

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Karl Ottenstein
Hopefully the easy answers already posted help you, Kamelite. If not, and since you have 1600+ zones which suggests a rather major commercial is possible the the ARCHICAD Python scripting solutions might help you. See:

In particular, look at the example script called "Zone Numbering".
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Other than what everyone had suggested here, there is another option to edit project data via schedules using Excel. You can create schedule with zone names > export that data > open it with excel and there you can quickly rename rows using numbering > import that data back using method in the link below to modify all the zones.

Here you have a link to a page where it is all explained:

Hope that helps.
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Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin

I think that this Property Export-Import workflow does not work in the case of Zone Name and Zone Number because they are built-in Zone parameters, not Properties created in the Property Manager Dialog.
The Property Export-Import workflow works only for Properties. You can see this for yourself - if you export such a schedule, when you try to import those properties, you will see that the values of Zone Name and Zone Number will be grayed and there will be no checkmarks next to them using which you could select them for import.

It would be great if it worked for all schedule fields but unfortunately, currently, this is not the case.

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Hi Laszlo,

Thank you for correcting me. I just assumed that this method applies to all the parameters in the project.

Sorry Kamelite for misleading you. However I still believe that not all is lost. Firstly, if what you need is the number of the zone to be displayed with the name of the zone, you could create custom property which would concatenate these two values into one and use that.
Other solution also includes custom property, but you could create it to use it instead of the built-in Zone Name parameter and for that property you could use the Import-Export workflow (woohoo! )
Łukasz Pietraszko
ArchiCAD 26 PL, since AC20 | WIN 10 Home
Intel Core i7-7700HQ 2.8 GHz | 16 GB RAM | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB | 500 GB SSD
I think we do something for Door Schedules that might suggest an approach.

For Doors that refuse to pick up a Related Zone in the schedule, we made two properties for Room Number and Room Name. These two Properties are then the Items that are scheduled. If the Room Number and name aren't picked up from the Zone, we can then manually enter a value in the property.
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Eric Smook

Another option can be to create 2 properties (for number and name)

These can be edited in excel by using the interoperability functionality.


Then in the IFC translator map the 2 created properties to the name and longname fields for spaces. This way the data of the properties is automatically displayed in the zone number and zone name fields.


The only thing to keep in mind that the zone name and zone number zone number fileds shouldn't have data because that acts as an override. It can be checked by looking at the ifc data of the selected zone. If a red chain is visible for the field then it's an override. Setting it to default makes it work.

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