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Multiple Area Units in Zone Stamps

Vimal Kumar

I initially wanted to include three topics in one post, then I realized it would be easier to find them later if they were broken down into shorter parts, though they could be related as well. Let’s start with displaying different area units in Zone Stamps – this is a common request in several countries.


One of the default Zone Stamps (02) can do this easily by adding Custom Units to the Measured Area.



The Zone Stamp 01 however can’t do this right away, because only the prefix can be changed (under Text and Override Style… choose Measured Area at the Edit Content dropdown), but there is a solution!



This Zone Stamp can still display Classifications and Properties so we just have to convert the areas and show them. Let’s see this in the Property Manager.


The new property is a Number (otherwise as Area it would follow the global settings). The value can be created with an Expression which converts any of the desired area types to square feet by dividing with 1 ft2.


As a number, this property can be summed up, therefore can be used in Schedules.



In the Zone Stamp this would only show the number and not the unit, so it is recommended to create other properties as well:


The first is just to control the number of decimals (Integer), set with a default value.



The second one is a String, where we can convert the area number to text (with the STR function), then concatenate it with the “sqft” text.




Choose this property to be shown in the Zone Stamps settings, go to the Settings panel and add Classifications and Properties under Content….




Browse for the Classifications and Properties… group and add the newly created property to the first row.




That’s it!
Note that as a property, this information can be displayed in any custom Zone Stamps as well, not only the default ones and there are other benefits also when having units converted in properties. Let’s take a look at those in another short post soon.

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