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Mystery of window schedule

Polar Bear



I make a window schedule, fix the scale etc.  Redefine with current window etc.  and still, closing and reopening the tab and updating my sheet: the whole thing goes. After few trial and finally the scale etc remains, it looks ok, i quickly print praying to god that the thing will go off again.


Is it normal?





Archicad 25 - 5010
Macbook pro 13" /Big sur 11.4 + External 4K 27"
Scott Boyd Turner

Are you saving a view of the schedule? If so are you opening the saved view or just the schedule from the project map, if opening from project it will inherit the view settings of the current view.


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The saved view, keep on changing, and saving as current view doesn't work.  I think i figured out by some circus of deleting old view and creating a new one. Counterintuitive and laborious


Thanks a lot!

Archicad 25 - 5010
Macbook pro 13" /Big sur 11.4 + External 4K 27"
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