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Naming of own library/complex profiles/ etc


I would like to create our own database/library.


How did other name the library objects or the complex profile so they are easily to find but not so long that you can only read the beginning?

Barry Kelly

What version of Archicad are you using?

You should be able to use some pretty decent and meaningful names and not see just the first few characters.

This is part of my list of complex profile walls from version 25.

The names you use are really just what makes sense to you (and whoever needs to use your files).

In my case here for example, the 'MOD' means the profile has profile modifiers.




And of course in 26 you can have folders to group similar profiles.

I would still keep unique and descriptive names though in case you view the entire list and not the folder structure.




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You need to adapt your naming convention to allow quick identification based on what you can see.


For Complex Profiles I used to assign all project specific values the job number to start, that helps clearing out later if they accidentally get migrated to a new job, but these days they get their own folder. I then an indicator of their application area e.g. RF for Roof followed by something more descriptive which as Barry has indicated may include size followed by a description.


You can use the profile name as Autotext in a label, which may also help direct your naming system. 

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