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Noob when it comes to expressions


Hi all,


Question for the ones experienced and well versed in ArchiCAD. I'm trying to get two measured zone areas divided as an expression, generating an FSR for our project. Both zones have their own expression for the measured area.


I've got the site area zone expressed individually as

STRCALCUNIT ( {Property:Zone/Measured Area} )


...and the GFA Zone expressed individually as

STRCALCUNIT ( {Property:Zone/Measured Area} )


In my mind the FSR expression would be 

( STRTONUM ( {Property:General Ratings/GFA} ) * 1 m2 ) / ( STRTONUM ( {Property:General Ratings/Site Area} ) * 1 m2 )


I get no errors with the expression but still no value...?? What am I doing wrong / missing..?


As I noted, I've got a decade and half experience in AC but only very recently got my head stuck into expressions and feel like a complete beginner again.


Operating system used: Windows 10 Pro

W10 Pro | ArchiCAD 27 5003 AUS FULL | Twinmotion
Jeff Galbraith

I don't quite follow what you're trying to accomplish.  You mention using two measured zone areas.  If you are trying to get archicad to divide the area of one zone by the area of a different zone object, I don't think that is possible. Please clarify exactly what you're trying to do.  


If you're trying to divide the GFA zone by the Site zone, then instead of using a site zone object I recommend you just use the site area entered into the project info.  That data is usable in expressions.

Jeff G

Archicad 27 USA (full), Macbook Pro (16-inch 2023, M3 MAX, 128 GB RAM)

Setup info provided by author