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Schedule Organization - headline supersedes all settings?


In the schedule scheme settings, I want to organize by zone's element ID, and have a merged headline for story/building name. The schedule is not supposed to be organized by the first two columns, but it seems that whenever a headline is set, the scheme settings for those fields force them to be an organizing factor.
Is there any way around this? or am I stuck with these as the default organization.

Example; I have 2 buildings, one is called Barn and one is called Main House. I want the doors for the Main House to show before the Barn. So I give all doors on the Main House a property with a value of A, and Barn the same property B. A comes before B. But Barn comes before Main House. Even if the organizing arrow for building name is not set in the scheme settings, it ignores that since they are a headline.

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Barry Kelly

In the scheme settings, did you turn off the sorting option for the storey & building name fields?

Then, if the element ID is the next field and that has the sorting option turned on, it should sort by that field.



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yes, Element ID is the only organizing identifier in the fields, and it works as long as there is no headline set. But we don't want to list building and story name for every schedule item; would rather see them grouped under the headline.
our only options I can see are to split the schedule by building/story either as separate schedules or as one chopped up schedule on the layout. Neither option is particularly appealing

BIM solutions and trouble shooting (self proclaimed) expert. Using Archicad 26 5002 US on Mac OS 11.5.2
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