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Search in the Navigator

Oleksandra Vakariuk

Scroll to find a specific Navigator item 


Nowadays, a project can have hundreds of sections, elevations, details, 3D views, and layouts – all listed in the Navigator. With the increasing complexity and size of projects, it is becoming time-consuming to find specific items in the Project Map, View Map, Layout Book, or Publisher Sets. 


Easily and quickly find specifically-named items 


Use the new intuitive search bar to find any item easily and quickly in the Navigator and Organizer by its ID or name. 


To do this, go to the Navigator or the Organizer. If you don’t see either of them on your Archicad interface, go to Window > Palettes and choose the one you would like to use. 

The palettes have an updated interface and icons: the Project Map is separated from the other three tabs to simplify the overall experience. The new search bar appears under the icons of the tabs (Project Map, View Map, Layout Book, and Publisher Sets): 




Start typing the name of an item you’re looking for and choose from the list of results.  These are the characteristics of the search behavior: 


  • The search term is kept when switching between tabs. 
  • Any closed folders open during a search and return to their initial state after clearing the search bar. 
  • Selected items during search are remembered when clearing the search. 






Save time with faster navigation 


No more scrolling! Find the item you need instantly, so you can start working right away. Experience smoother documentation workflows with less time spent on non-design related tasks – even on large and complex projects. 


Learn about all the new design features of Archicad 26:


To learn more about all the new features of Archicad 26, read this article.

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