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Using Graphic Overrides to Check Element Layer

Craig Boyer
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
During the the course of a project elements can be placed on the wrong layer. When this happens, drawings, schedules and other areas of the project can be affected. Follow the steps below to use Graphic Overrides to locate elements on the wrong layer.

1. Go to Document > Graphic Overrides > Graphic Override Combinations...

2. In the Graphic Override Combinations dialogue box click New...


3. In the New Combination dialogue box, name the new combination and click OK.


4. Click Edit Rules...


5. In the Graphic Override Rules Dialogue Box, click New...


6. In the New Rule dialogue box, name the new rule and click OK.


7. Select the newly created rule for exterior elements and set the Criteria to Element Type is Object, Element ID contains F. (or whatever tag is assigned to furniture) and Layer is not A-FURN.

Note: Depending on your project settings the criteria may be different. What you are trying to do is isolate elements by type, ID and the layer that they are not on but should be.


8. Under the Override Style tab click the check box next to Line / Marker / Text Pen and choose a pen. Then check the box next to Surface and select a corresponding color.


9. Click OK to return to the Graphic Override Combinations dialogue box.

10. In the Graphic Override Combinations dialogue box click the Add button, select the newly created rule and click OK.


11. Apply the new Graphic Override Combination to identify the position of elements within the project.


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