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Window Lists - how to save multiple Views using different scheme settings.


I've created a Window List for all windows and saved this view as WindowList1.


Then, I go and change the scheme settings to only show windows numbered from W2.1 (for example) onwards, and save this view as WindowList2.


However, when I place these separate views on Layouts they both show the latest scheme settings.


How can I save differing views of window (and door) schedules?


Barry Kelly

If you want different scheme settings, you must save different schemes.

The views do not save the scheme settings.

They are saved in the schedule itself.


Set the first schedule up as you want and then duplicate it to create the second one, which you can amend as required.


You will now have 2 separate schedules you can create views for and place on your layouts.



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Cheers Barry! Twice this week you've saved the day. Appreciate your prompt solutions!

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