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list parameter wall height composite



We want to get out the height of a bricks wall, which is constructed with a composite element. As a result we only get the full height of the wall, but not the height of the bricks wall.

- modeling with profile (not so cool for bim-export)

- don't schedule in Archicad, use Solibri;)


Any other ideas?


Thank you

Barry Kelly

If you only want the height to the underside of the slab, then you have to model the wall to the underside of the slab.

The schedules can only give you values for what you model, they can't guess what you really want.


A 'surface' schedule could give you the 'exposed' area of that wall (I am pretty sure it can't give you exposed heights as surface schedules calculate exposed surface areas).



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Thank you Barry


Yes, I'm agree. We tried it with profils, then it works, but you haven't the thickness and a mess in the ifc export;) Then we tried with component lists and there is one parameter, but only brutto rectangle height;) We tried with a formula, but there the parameters doesn't exist;)


I'm agree with you, that Archicad can't know that and other softwares too, because of the different use cases on my screenshot or because they think in elements and not in fragments of elements;) Looks like a grasshopper-experiment;)



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