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This has probably already been discusses but I wasn't sure what keywords to search.

When you are creating a project and moving around from plan to section to 3d do you use the project map, view map or some oth way of getting back and forth. I can never tel if I am doing this right and I seem to spend alot of time turning layers off an on to get things they way I want them to start working everytime I change.

kevin b
I find the best bet is to set up views for everything, because the view has scale, zoom, layers, display options, etc all associated with it. Any 3d views saved with a marquee also have the extent of the marquee saved as well as the camera position so all that stuff stays the same when you come back to it.

Plus if you're doing everything right some of those views (or others) are what you are linking to your layout book for output.
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I use hotkeys to go between Plan & 3D.

Sections and Details I either open from the list in Navigator, or right click the source view/marker. Once open I'll usually have the window extend just below the bottom of the Plan window so I can click back and forth (this is on the Mac only since I usually use the full screen mode in Windows).

I agree about using the Views in Navigator as well. It is very handy to go straight to the correct settings. Usually when I am working on the model I use the Project Map, but for working on drawings the quick switch is essential.

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My recommendation is to use view map for navigation if you are changing the types of drawings you are working on. Project map certainly has its uses, but I don't recommend it for navigation. The other methods that Matthew mentioned are great and recommended once you have established the view (layer combination) you want to be in. Remember you can change your current layer combination using "quick options" palette in 10.

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Don't forget that you can also ALT-TAB between open Windows.

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